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100% Wool Fat Quarter 12 Warm


Curler Cube Yellow 4x16- 9 pcs.


Needfuls wool 6x13- 8 pcs.


Pepper and Salt Wool Chunks 5pc 9in x 10in


Pink Wool Chunks 5pc 9in x 10in


Trick Or Treat Wool Bundle


Wool 5 Charm Holly


Wool Clubbies 50ct 5in Squares


Wool Clubbies 50ct 5in Squares Set Light/Brights Previously Item WCCLBLTB


Wool Curlers 4in x 16in Snowman


Wool Curlers 4in X 16in Spring


Wool F.Qtr Black Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Black Solid


Wool F.Qtr Chain Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Chartrus Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Chocolat Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Christmas Solid


Wool F.Qtr Ecru Solid


Wool F.Qtr Goldstar Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Moss Glens Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Moss Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Moss Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Moss Solid


Wool F.Qtr Mustard Glens Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Navy Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Red Grape Solid


Wool F.Qtr Sage Solid


Wool F.Qtr Sand Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Xmas Glens Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Xmas Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Xmas Houndstooth


Wool Fat Quarter Houndstooth 16inx26in Whiskey


Wool Scrap Bag


Yellow Wool Chunks 5pc 9in x 10in