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Call Today (417) 681-0330

                   As of  JANUARY 1st, 2022, there has been a price increase due to the rise of material cost such as batting, thread ETC...

I offer Long Arming services in our shop. You May drop it off at your convenience and or if you would like to meet with me personally just call or text me to set up a time.

I offer Edge To Edge quilting with hundreds of patterns to choose the right look for your quilt. 
I charge .025 cents a square inch. Dense or very detailed patterns are .030 cents a square inch.
Hobbs 80/20 blend batting is included in both price points, there is a price increase per square inch on higher quality batting. please ask me for details on the other batting available.

Quilts need to be pressed and the backing must be 4 inches all the way around bigger.

For questions you may call Blue Top at (417) 681-0330 or call or text me (Heather Bayless at (417) 682-1539)